Face Cleansing Brush 5 in 1 – Deep Facial Cleanser and Beauty Exfoliating Massager


  • Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, including sensitive skin cond.
  • Help keep your skin look younger and more vibrant.
  • Helps remove embedded dirt and oil, resulting in healthier, more beautiful skin.
  • This kit includes 5 heads so you’ll always have the exact right tool for every job. From a gentle wash to deep pore cleansing, from exfoliation to callus removal, this kit gives you everything you need to keep your skin looking and feeling best all the time.
  • With the two-speed motor, you can customize your skincare routine, from gentle to vigorous.


This facial cleanser is waterproof so you can use it comfortably while cleaning your face and body.

Why You Choose Alayna 5-in-1 Electric Facial Cleansing Brush? In your package, you will find 5 brush heads to meet all your needs. These brush heads are designed for all skin types; normal, dry, oily, and sensitive. Made with batteries instead of a cord to enable you to use around water. Comes with 2-speed setting to make use enjoyable and effective for all. 5 Rotating Brush Heads:
1. POLISH ACCESSORY- Crude polish accessory to rip the tough skin
2. MAKE UP SPONGE- for removing makeup and surface cleaning
3. LATEX SOFT SPONGE- for eye and cheek massaging
4. MASSAGE HEAD- for rolling massager to make better bloos circumstances from skin aging
5. SOFT BRUSH- For cleaning up all the scurf clings on the surface
Package Include 1 Facial Cleansing Brush, 1 Cleansing Facial Brush Head 1 Polish Accessory Head 1 Makeup Sponge Head 1 Latex Soft Sponge Head 1 Soft Brush Head 1 User Manual 1 Protective Case.
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